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Life at times is like trying to climb a towering mountain. The goal is to reach the summit. However, the peak seems high and far away. The trail is steep, the path is rocky, and the journey is daunting. One of Satan’s clever devices is to cause doubt to enter our minds and to make us think that the path is too difficult and the going is too tough—to tempt us to give up and quit before we even get started.

Faith and courage are needed to face the challenges of life. It isn’t easy, but it was never promised to be. Yet, if we are willing to turn to Him and to ask forgiveness, seeking to change, God provides abundant grace and forgiveness. He loves us even more truly than we often seem to love ourselves, and knowing that should provide powerful encouragement.

If we seek to have a personal relationship with God, and if we strive to live a godly life, then He will impart to us the confidence and power to attain our goals and be genuinely happy and productive human beings! This is one of the keys to overcoming discouragement. Life is short. Treasure it, and live it to the full!

-Sheldon Monson
(Exerpt from "Do You Value Life?" - May-June 2017, Tomorrow's World)

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To preach the true Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ to all nations as a witness (Mark 1:14; Matthew 24:14; Ezekiel 3, 33; Acts 8:12)


To feed the flock and to organize local Church congregations to provide for the spiritual and material needs of our members (1 Peter 5:1-4; John 21:15-18)


To preach the end-time prophecies and to warn the whole world of the coming Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21)